Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

7 Apr 2019Laugh a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In 1949, an Auckland radio station urged listeners to prepare for a two kilometre wide wasp swarm that was headed towards the city.

Listeners were told to wear socks over their trousers and leave honey-laden traps by their doors. But when no wasps arrived the DJ admitted it was all just an April fool’s joke that had created a bit too much buzz!

Sometimes grown up life gets a little too serious and all that’s required is a little humour to brighten the day. In fact laughing and even smiling has numerous physical, mental and social benefits.

So when you hear laughter, make a beeline for it. (No pun intended.) A good chuckle can boost your immune system, lower stress hormones and even prevent heart disease.

Every time you smile or laugh, muscles in your face trigger the release of endorphins, the chemicals responsible for making us feel happy.

Endorphins are also the body’s natural painkillers. So laughing when you feel like crying after you’ve stubbed your toe is actually very beneficial!

Smiling makes us more attractive and approachable. It’s also contagious! The more you flash those pearly whites, the more others will do the same.

But we’re not all born comedians, so what are some easy ways to bring a little laughter into your life?

Watching funny films, playing with a pet or spending time with optimistic people are all good starters. If you’re feeling brave, master a joke and tell it to everyone you can!

Take a trip down memory lane. Dig out that family photo album (yes a real one) and come up with amusing captions for those long lost photos. Whatever your choice of chuckle, remember to do it all in good taste; and preferably don’t involve wasps!

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